The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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2015-11-08 Pictures added: Abutilon, Acalypha, Adenium, Adiantum, Aechmea, Aeonium, Agave, Aglaonema, Allamanda, Alocasia.
2010-08-28 Information and picture added: Lepanthes calodiction
2008-07-11 Pictures added: Amorphophallus
2008-02-01 Information and pictured added: Euphorbia.
2008-01-18 Information and pictures added: Murraya exotica minima
2007-05-10 Information and pictures added: Kalanchoe (Panda plant, Plush plant, Pussy ears, Devil's backbone, Mexican hat plant, Chandelier plant)
2007-04-10 Information added: Brugmansia sanguinea and Brugmansia suaveolens
2007-04-05 Information added: Pilea microphylla 'Variegata'
2007-04-05 Information added: Dracaena godseffiana
2007-04-05 Information added: Maranta leuconeura "Marisela"
2007-04-05 Inaormation added: Piper nigrum
2007-04-05 Information added: Peperomia magnolifolia variegata
2007-01-21 Information and pictures added: Passiflora.
2006-07-01 Information added: Acalypha hispaniolae
2006-05-17 Information added: Crassula cultivar "Gollum"
2006-03-12 Picture of flowering Codiaeum (Croton) added.
2006-01-19 Information added: Euphorbia leuconeura
2005-11-11 Information added: Cyphomandra betacea (Tamarillo, Tree tomato)
2005-09-25 Information added: Dischidia (Ant plant)
2005-09-22 Information added: Pachira aquatica (Money Tree)
2005-04-17 Added pictures from NYC orchid show.
2005-02-27 Information added: Medinilla (Rose Grape)
2005-02-16 Information added: Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum 'Tricolor'
2005-01-30 Information added: Castanospermum (Black Bean, Moreton Bay Chestnut)
2004-12-02 Information added: Pilea cadierei "Pan Am" & Pilea cadierei "Silver tree"
2004-11-30 Information added: Mansoa alliacea (Garlic vine)
2004-11-10 Information added: Abutilon megapotamicum (Trailing abutilon)
2004-10-29 Information added: Peperomia scandens (False philodendron)
2004-10-10 Information added: Passiflora edulis (Passion Fruit)
2004-10-03 I've found a problem with "Conatact us" form, it didn't work for two months... Why nobody contacted us to report Contact us problem???-) Fixed.
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