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Family: Commelinaceae.

Siderasis fuscata Moore (Pyrrheima fuscata Bak.)
Siderasis Genus of one genus from Brazil. Siderasis is not an easy to grow plant. Siderasis differs from its relatives in three distinct ways. The 6-8 in. leaves form a rosette, it needs a terrarium for success and it bears attractive flowers (purple, 1 in. across). One species is grown - Siderasis fuscata. A plant for the rarity collector.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer - minimum 55 F in winter. Brightly lit spot away from direct sunlight. Keep compost moist at all time. Reduce watering in winter. Misting is necessary. Take stem cuttings in spring or summer.

User-submitted additions and corrections:

Susan Brook
B.C. Canada
5th Jan 2005
I have grown this plant for years as it was given to me and i never knew what it was called and i didn't even need nor use any kind of terrarium for it..I have had it bloom alot over the years with no troubles at all. I have grown 7 plants and given away 4 of the 7 and they are doing great.
11th May 2006
I to have had my brown spiderwort for a number of years. I recieved it as a gift, and didn't have a clue of the species. But after finding out what it is exactly, I to have had no problems with mine blooming. It doesn't get any special attention, it gets treated like the rest of my house plants. I do think this is a wonderful very attractive plant that always seems to grab the attention of other plant lovers!
Pro-Gardeners, Inc.
2nd May 2008
My company grows this plant to sell to the general public. It performs best in a greenhouse or terrarium. Not too much sun or the leaves will bleach out. Takes shade best. Consider a low wattage grow light. The rosette forming plant is both attractive and easy to grow.
Carmel Petty
USA Pennsylvania
27th Feb 2012
I have had my Brown Spiderwort for four years. It has no terrarium, gets no misting and lives happily on a sideboard with minimal light. It is lovely and continues to thrive. It is one of my favorite plants and catches the eye of visitors. I pay it no special attention except to admire it!
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