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Family: Araceae.

Common name(s): Flamingo flower, Tail flower
Anthurium Genus of 700-900 species of evergreen perennials, many epiphytic, with erect, sometimes climbing stems, from wet mountain forest in tropical and subtropical North and South America. Anthuriums are very attractive plants all year round. The flowering season stretches from spring to late summer.Unfortunately Anthuriums are not easy to grow and only the most popular one is reasonably tolerant of ordinary room conditions. All parts may cause mild stomach upset if ingested, and contact with the sap may irritate skin.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer - minimum 60F in winter.Semi-shade or bright light. Keep well away from direct sunlight. Keep compost moist at all time. Water sparingly in winter. Misting is necessary. Divide plant at repotting time. Sow seed at 75-81 F (24-27 C) as soon as ripe; they may take several months to germinate.
Anthurium andreanum Lind.
Anthurium andreanum Lind.
Anthurium andreanum Lind.
Anthurium andreanum Lind.
Anthurium crystallinum Lind. et Andre, A. magnificum Lind.
Anthurium crystallinum Lind. et Andre, A. magnificum Lind.
Anthurium scherzerianum Schott.
Anthurium scherzerianum Schott.

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13th Jan 2006
I have the red blooming Anthurium in a 1.5 gal. beta bowl on my desk at work. It is absolutely beautiful! The Anthurium blooms about every 2-3 months, and blooms last for weeks. Occasionally, when the roots get too gangly and algae full, I take the plant out, clean the algae off and cut the roots back, then it blooms and gets about 3-5 blooms on it! This is a healthy, and stunning plant that gets great comments from co-workers!
14th May 2009
Anthurium are incredibly easy to clone. Look for prominent nodules near the roots and clip a small section just below these. Place in water an roots should show within the week. Baby plants make thoughtful gifts, especially when you have cultivated them yourself.
28th May 2009
I have a beautiful Anthurium andreanum Lind. I have had for 2 and a half years. It always has bright red waxy shiney blooms. It is easy to take care of. I repotted it into a pot about twice the size and it took off again in no time. It is time to repot again. People always comment on its brilliant red flowers and green leaves. Looks stunning as a centerpiece at Christmas.
united states
1st Aug 2010
This flower is magnificent,bold,and easy to care for. I\'ve repotted into a 25 to thirty gallon pot and now enjoy any where from 10 to 15 brillant blooms at a time! I highly recommend the Anthurium for anyone that enjoys outstanding beauty in there house plants!
14th Aug 2010
I do not have a green thumb but this plant is so easy to keep. Many people feel the leaves to see if it is artificial. I find it blooms about once a year and has about 4 flowers. the flowers will last up to 6 months. I love it. It is just easy care.
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