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Family: Bignoniaceae.

Mansoa alliacea Common name(s): Ajo sacha, Garlic vine
Mansoa Synonym: Pseudocalymma alliaceum, Bignonia alliacea, Mansoa alliacea, Bignonia aequinoctialis

Genus of about 15 species, which are distributed throughout Tropical South America. The garlic vine is named so because of its leaves and its flowers with its garlicky smell when crushed.

This vine is even used as substitute for garlic in food. The entire plant - roots, vine and leaves, is useful. It is used to reduce fevers, treat colds, throat, and respiratory ailments. The plant is said to help get rid of bad luck, and has both male and female parts. Ajo sacha has many spiritual uses, and is a favorite with hunters.

Ornamental evergreen vine, 6 to 8 feet tall (1.8-2.4 m); opposite leaves divided into two ovate leaflets, up to 6 inches long (15 cm).

Deep lavender flowers with white throat fading to a paler lavender. Blooms heavily in the Spring and Fall. Will have some flowers on and off throughout the year. Flowers start off purple and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age. Eventually fading to almost white. You will see 3 different color of flowers at the same time on the plant.

It can be grown in containers and should be trimmed after the flowers are gone.

Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Grow in well-drained soilless potting mix. Full sun to half-shade. Hardy to 30°F (-1°C), avoid freezing temperatures. Keep compost moist, but do not overwater. Mist leaves every day. Reduce watering in winter. Root stem cuttings. Sow seed.

User-submitted additions and corrections:

Jeff Long
18th Dec 2004
Seems to me this is a plant that some people call Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow plant. Reason being the flower opens up one color, then as it ages it changes to 2 other colors. Pretty sure I bought a bunch of these a few years ago for the company I work for as a tropical flowering plant for summer deck planters. Anyone else hear this too?
18th Dec 2004
No. The plant you are talking about is brunfelsia.
4th Apr 2006
I have been tryin to find a Creeper with purple flowers called "PARUL" as my name, its a creeper with peuple flowers found in Srilanka and Bangladesh.Finally i ve found another site where it proves that Mansoa or garlic vine is called Parul in Bangladesh.I just want to see the flower i am named after thats all....If anyone knowss bout this pleaseee add a comment..Thanx
18th Jul 2006
Such a gorgeous prolific flowering vine. I bought a plant thirty five years ago and it has consistently flowered gloriously against the fence at my parents tropical home over these long years.I have heard of the existence of a white variety. Can anyone corroborate this?
[QLD] Australia
18th Mar 2007
we have a garlic vine now flowering it is about 6 months old
26th May 2008
HI, I also want to know. Is it the same flower as called Parul. If anybody knows anything about this flower, please let me know whatever you know abt this flower. I want to gift my girl friend this flower as her name is Parul....Please reply..Thanks in advance..!!
Ranbir Singh
Gurgaon India
12th Oct 2008
parul is incomplete. The full bengali common name is Lata Parul see at
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