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Family: Araceae.

Zamioculcas leaf Common name(s): ZZ plant, Aroid Palm, Arum Fern
Zamioculcas Zamioculcas zamiifolia looks and resembles the cycad - Zamia furfuracea or cardboard palm. The species name "zamiifolia" means "with Zamia-like leaves". It is slow growing plant. Large plants can reach 3-4 feet in height. The base of the plant stalks are swollen from which the stem host dark green, naturally shiny leaves. It handles low light well and the plant even grows. Origin: Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zamioculcas
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Even though the plant does well in lower light levels, by placing it in brighter light it performs even better. Keep the plant away from any hot direct afternoon sun as the plant can burn. A good bright filtered afternoon sun would work well. Don't let this plant sit in water or stay wet. This plant is better to keep on the dry side. Seeds, leaf cuttings using the leaflets. Take the fallen leaves and insert them stalk side down in moist sand or peatmoss inside a container placed in indirect light. The leaves will root, form a tuber and within a year, a new leaf will emerge. At that point, it should be potted up. You will have a nice sized plant in a couple of years.

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BC, Canada
12th Feb 2006
I recently purchased two Zamioculcas, and put them where they recieve indirect light for only a few hours a day, and within a month each plant had about a half a dozen new stalks that grew very quickly. I find this plant very easy to care for, and a fast grower as well.
12th Mar 2007
It is very easy to divide this plant into smaller ones. I carefully laid the contents of the pot on the front lawn and separated the tubers into smaller groups and made 3 more potted plants from the original. Since then, all have produced even more tubers and have filled out very nicely.
21st Apr 2007
I've had this plant for over a year and find it is the easiest plant I've ever owned; so much so I purchased another for our garden club's Mystery Plant of the Month program. It's exotic without the care of exotics and grows indoors in normal light and little care.
Eric Finkbeiner
17th Mar 2009
A prolific grower indoors even in the darkest corners.Keep in a container that is a bit on the crowded side. I water ours in a commercial setting about once every two weeks. It thrives on neglect, but looks real well all polished up!
debra picard
31st Jul 2009
I bought a zz plant not knowing anything about the plant...I just loved the leaves! Once I investigated it online, I transplanted it and put it in my 3 season room and it has since sprouted and grown 5 new stems! Love it!
4th Aug 2009
I have this plant and it had 3 blooms ,they weren't anything special but I was surprised.
25th Oct 2011
All parts of this plant are poisonous. Keep it away from children and pets who may play with or ingest this plant. It's also a good idea to wear gloves while handling it or to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.
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