The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Family: Theaceae.

Cleyera japonica'Tricolor'.
Cleyera Genus of about 18 evergreen trees and shrubs that are mostly native to Mexico and Central America; one species is from eastern Asia. Cleyera japonica var. Tricolor is a tender, slow-growing, dense shrub that can eventually grow up to 10 feet high. This plant produces glossy, dark green leaves whose cream edges are tinged with dark rose when new. Cleyera is slow growing and it can be kept compact by occasionally removing the shoot tips. Small white flowers may appear as a bonus.C. Japonica grows about 2 ft. tall.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth. Keep cool in winter - minimum 50F. Well-lit but away from direct sunlight. Grow in acidic potting mix. Keep compost moist at all times. Mist leaves ocasionally. Take semi-ripe stem cuttings in summer.

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