The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Family: Solanaceae.

Solanum capsicastrum Common name(s): Jerusalem Cherry, Christmas Cherry Solanum pseudocapsicum
Solanum Syn. Lycianthes. Genus of about 1400 species of annuals, biennials, herbaceous perennials, and evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous shrubs, trees, and twining climbers from a range of habitats worldwide. Solanum Pseudo-Capsicum, the Jerusalem Cherry or Christmas Cherry, is a very decorative potted plant for the home or greenhouse. It has dark green shoots and small, oblong leaves. It produces small, white flowers in the summer, which are followed by roundish scarlet or yellow berries, up to 1 inch in diameter. These fruits are poisonous. Early leaf fall usually means overwatering - dropping berries indicate too little light or hot, dry air. Solanum
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer - minimum 55F in winter.Brightly lit spot. Keep well away from direct sunlight. Grow in soil-based potting mix. Keep compost moist at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce watering in winter. Use soft, tepid water. Misting is necessary. Take stem cuttering in spring. Sow seed at 64-68 F (18-20 C) in spring.

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