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Family: Amaryllidaceae.

Common name(s):
Eucharis Genus of 17 species of evergreen, summer-flowering, bulbous perennials from moist, open forest in Central and South America. Eucharis does not like cold nights - a minimum of 60F is required, even in mind winter. If you start with a bulb, plant in spring to autumn and keep warm until growth starts. Water sparingly at this stage.
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth - minimum 60 F in winter. Well-lit but away from direct sunlight. Keep compost moist at all times from spring to autumn - water moderately in winter. Sponge leaves occasionally. Detach offsets from mature plants in summer.
Eucharis grandiflora Planch. et. Lindl. (Eucharis amazonica Lindl.)
Eucharis grandiflora Planch. et. Lindl. (Eucharis amazonica Lindl.)

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PJ Growers
5th Jul 2004
We have grown the Amazon Lily for may years here in South Central Florida (NW corner of Okeechobee County). They have endured our cold temperatures to way below 40 degrees with no cold damage at all.
13th Jun 2005
I've had my Amazon Lily for years. It grows outside in a large pot and has thrived in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and here, near the ocean. It likes to be pot-bound, dislikes temperatures under 45F. I usually open my outdoor umbrella and cover it with visqueen, all my plants huddle under and on the table during the winter, if it is very cold, I hang a clamp light inside the umbrella. My lily bloom faithfully every spring. It is in part shade, with good drainage and lots of water.
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