The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Family: Rubiaceae.

Common name(s): Coffee Tree Coffea arabica L.
Coffea Genus of about 40 species of evergreen trees or shrubs. Coffea is an attractive bush with dark, shiny and wavy-edged leaves. Coffee Plant is grown in medium light, or filtered or indirect sunlight. Use a rich, acid soil kept moderately moist. Peat moss in the potting mix will help provide acid conditions. Ideal temperatures are between 60 and 85 F. The leaves turn yellow and drop if the plant is potbound. Use an acidifying fertilizer according to label directions. The true Coffee Tree may flower indoors after a few years. Coffea
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Keep the plant warm - minimum 55 F in winter. Some direct sun is essential. Water moderately from spring to autumn. Water sparingly in winter. Misting is necessary. Take stem cuttings in spring. Use a rooting hormone and provide bottom heat. Sow seeds, but don't use old seeds (sow as soon as ripe).

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