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Family: Geraniaceae.

Common name(s): Geranium
Pelargonium Genus of about 230 species of mainly evergreen perennials, succulents, subshrubs, and shruns, occuring in a variety of habitats, from mountains to deserts, mostly in South Africa. Pelargoniums are one of the world's favourite house plants. They are easy to grow and propagate and they have a long flowering period. These are the plants popularly known as Flowering Geraniums. There is also a group which are grown for their aromatic foliage - the Scented-leaved Geraniums. Use a sunny area such as a south or west window. Geranium needs a well-drained soil mix, allowed to dry slightly between watering. Too much shade and nitrogen causes lush growth but few flowers. Pelargoniums are generally hardy to 36 F (2 C).
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth in summer (65 to 70 F during the day and 60 to 65 F at night) - minimum 55F in winter. Brightly lit spot. Keep well away from direct sunlight. Grow in soilless or soil-based potting mix. Keep compost moist at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce watering in winter. Use soft, tepid water. Misting is necessary. Take softwood stem cuttings in spring. Sow seed at 55-64 F (13-18 C) from late winter to early spring.
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
Pelargonium graveolens Ait.
Pelargonium graveolens Ait.

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11th Aug 2006
You dont really have to care for them much i had one for 7 or 8 years and i only watered it about once every couple of months.
14th Nov 2009
This is a species used indoors and outdoors. I find it's best to give them a cool resting period, a natural winter here can do that, although I realise that not everywhere is blessed with the mild winter that coastal UK gets, still if it's indoors give it a cool period to about 4-5C (39-41F), which should keep it from flowering. Having said that they can keep their flowers well into December and January here, outside.
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