The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Family: Ferns.

Pellaea rotundifolia Pellaea falcata
Pellaea Family - Adiantaceae. Genus of about 80 species af deciduous or evergreen, terrestrial ferns occuring in sheltered sites in semi-desert regions, mainly in South Africa and South America, but also in Canada, the US, and Australia. Pellaea rotundifolia is easy to grow. It doesn't grow or look like a member of the fern family, but it is. It has dark green waxy, button-shapped leaflets that will elongate to egg shapes as the plant matures. This is really a rock fern because it prefers the faces of rock cliffs. Leaves grow from a tufted rootstock and it tends to grow horizontally, making it a good plant for pot or basket. At its smallest stage it is suited for terrariums or dish gardens. Pellaea
Growing conditions Watering and misting Propagation
Average warmth.Good indirect light is the proper location - an east- or north-facing windowsill is ideal. Compost must be kept moist at all times and never allowed to dry out. Mist sparingly in winter. Misting is necessary. The simplest way is to devide the plant in early spring. Sow spores at 55-64 F (13-18 C) as ripe.

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