The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Palmae (Arecaceae) About 230 species and more than 3000 varietis.

Caryota (Fishtail palm) Caryota
Chamaedorea (Hardy bamboo palm)Chamaedorea
Chamaerops (European fan palm)Chamaerops
Chrysalidocarpus (Areca palm, Golden cane palm, Madagascar palm, Yellow palm)Chrysalidocarpus
Cocos (Coconut Palm)Cocos

Howea (Sentry palm)Howea

Livistona (Ribbon fan palm)Livistona

Phoenix (Date palm)Phoenix

Rhapis (Little Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm)Rhapis


Washingtonia (Desert fan palm, Thread palm)Washingtonia
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