The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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The Nyctaginaceae are herbs, shrubs, and trees comprising 30 genera and 300 species further characterized by the presence of betalains and p-plastids. The leaves are simple, entire, estipulate, and usually opposite. The flowers are usually bisexual, have a 3-8-lobed uniseriate perianth of connate, petaloid sepals and are subtended by bracts that range in appearance from large and brightly colored to reduced and calyx-like. The androecium consists of 1-30 hypogynous, commonly unequal stamens that may be free or connate into a basal tube. The gynoecium is a single simple pistil with a superior ovary containing one locule and one basal ovule. The fruit is an achene that is often enveloped by the persistent base of the calyx tube.

Bougainvillea Bougainvillea

Pisonia (Birdcatcher Tree, Map Plant)Pisonia
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