The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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The Malvaceae are herbs, shrubs, or trees comprising about 75 genera and perhaps as many as 1,500 species that are further characterized by the presence of stellate hairs and mucilaginous sap. The leaves are alternate, simple, and usually palmately veined; stipules are present. The flowers are almost always bisexual and actinomorphic. The perianth consists of 5 valvate, distinct or basally connate sepals and 5 distinct petals that are usually basally adnate to the androecium. The androecium consists of very numerous monadelphous stamens with apically divergent filaments bearing 1-celled anthers. The gynoecium is a single compound pistil of 2-many carpels, an equal number of styles or style branches, and a superior ovary with 2-many locules, each bearing 1-numerous ovules. The fruit is a loculicidal capsule, schizocarp, berry, or samara.

Abutilon (Flowering maple, Indian mallow, Parlor maple) Abutilon

Hibiscus (Chinese hibiscus, Rose of China)Hibiscus
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