The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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The Crassulaceae are mostly succulents consisting of about 25 genera and 900 species. The flowers are actinomorphic and have a calyx and corolla comprising 4-6 or more segments that are free or connate. The number of stamens equal, or more frequently are twice the number of corolla segments. The gynoecium is apocarpous, and the number of pistils equal the number of corolla segments. Each pistil is simple, consisting of a single carpel with a single locule in a superior ovary that bears several to many marginal ovules. The fruit is usually a follicle. A scale-like nectar-secreting appendage is usually present at the base of each pistil.

Aeonium Aeonium



Kalanchoe (Panda plant, Plush plant, Pussy ears, Devil's backbone, Mexican hat plant, Chandelier plant)Kalanchoe



Sedum (Stonecrop)Sedum
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