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Synsepalum subcordatum (Miracle Fruit) - 6 seeds


Miracle Fruit - the fruit makes everything sour taste sweet! Seeds require scarification.
A large shrub or small tree that looks like Synsepalum dulcificum, but taller plant. It is larger leaf variety, with bigger fruit, the plant grows into a small tree. It is more productive variety than Synsepalum dulcificum, especially in young age.

Miracle fruit is very attractive evergreen bush or tree growing to 3-5 ft indoors, up to 10-15 ft outdoors. Plant likes acidic soil and bright light. Easy to grow slow growing plant, that produces flowers and fruits throughout the year.

The fruits make sour taste sweet! Makes a sour lemon taste like lemon candy. Eat just one fruit! It enhances flavor of grapefruit, strawberries, and makes beer taste like a "coca-cola".

The effect lasts for 30-120 min.

A natural chemical in the fruit masks the tongue's sour taste buds so that lemons taste like lemonade or lemon pie, or lemon candy. The sweet sensation lasts for half an hour to a few hours.

The unique properties of miracle fruit have been used for an appetite stimulation of persons taking chemotherapy medicines to help them to remove the metallic taste and return the desire for food.

6 seeds per pack. We will ship fresh or dried berries, and you will need to clean the seeds from pulp before planting. We do not clean them to save viability.

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